Peace in our time

Armed conflict seems to be the preferred means of dealing with international issues by at least one political party in the U.S. But, as the narrator says in this video, “That’s so 20th century.”

And yes, the video is correct about King Leopold II of Belgium. He was a war criminal, even though he never declared war on the Congo. He ranks up there with Hitler and Stalin in mass murder, and no one seems to know that. Read “King Leopold’s Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa” by Adam Hochschild for a fascinating history on the evil of colonialism.

Remember when Africans immigrated to the U.S. as workers on plantations?

Because that’s what textbooks are teaching children:

1460786346572746530Of course, this was found in a Texas textbook, but the book is used throughout the country:

In a section titled “Patterns of Immigration,” a speech bubble pointing to a U.S. map read: “The Atlantic Slave Trade between the 1500s and 1800s brought millions of workers from Africa to the southern United States to work on agricultural plantations.” …

One parent posted the atrocity to Facebook:

In calling slaves “workers” and their move to the United States “immigration,” she noted in viral Facebook posts Wednesday and Thursday, the textbook suggests not only that her African American ancestors arrived on the continent willingly, but also that they were compensated for their labor.

Immigration? Workers? How about “Kidnapped millions who were crammed in horrid conditions on a boat across the ocean.” And “sold into slavery”?

Who needs Ebola when you have the good old American flu?

OK, where exactly is Ebola in Africa?

imrs.phpSo it’s in that sliver of continent in the west. Click to enlarge in case you want to make it bigger and scarier.

Now, how big is Africa in relation to, let’s say, the rest of the world? (click to enlarge).

article-2445615-188A8AA500000578-349_964x681So, just saying, it looks like Ebola is in a very small area. And maybe if someone lives in the eastern, or southern or anywhere else in the continent, the thought that everyone in Africa has Ebola is kind of absurd.

But we Americans, as usual, are in major freak out mode. Remember, according to Sen. Ron Johnson, a Wisconsin Republican, the terrorist group ISIS is sending Ebola contaminated militants through the Mexican border.

Now, how many people in the United States have died of Ebola? Ever.


And what’s the average number of people in the United States who die of the flu each year?

“Influenza season is something that we’re coming into. Every year, depending on the severity of the flu season, we lose 3,000 to 49,000 individuals to flu-related illness.”

So shouldn’t people like Republican governors Chris Christie in New Jersey and Paul LePage in Maine be losing their shit over the flu and not worrying about nurses who come from Africa with no Ebola symptoms?

Is Ebola out of control?

The first confirmed case of Ebola in the United States was reported today in Texas. Time to pay attention (Via Vox).

And yes, it did not come in through Central American refugee children as your friends at Fox News were fear mongering a few weeks ago. It came from Africa, where it always has been.

If it’s in America that means it’s in other places we don’t know about yet. But for now, here’s your world Ebola map.