Today in Republican rape logic

Two things: First from the West Virginia House (via Jezebel):

The West Virginia House has begun the process of approving a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks in the state; Like other version of the same bill, West Virginia’s proposed law has been dubbed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. It’s based on the bunk science that fetuses are capable of feeling pain after 20 weeks, and that pain should trump the desire someone might feel to not carry an unwanted pregnancy to term.

The body’s health committee passed the bill Thursday. But first, as the Charleston Gazette reported, in comments that were picked up by both Huffington Post and Think Progress, Delegate Brian Kurcaba said he couldn’t quite see why there should be an exception in the bill for victims of rape or incest.

“Obviously rape is awful,” Kurcaba said. “What is beautiful is the child that could come from this.”

And now, from the Utah House of Representatives (from the Salt Lake Tribune):

If someone can’t consent, it’s rape.

A Utah measure seeking to make that legal clarification won early approval in a state legislative committee Tuesday, but some lawmakers qualified their support, questioning whether the law would designate sex with an unconscious spouse as rape.

“If an individual has sex with their wife while she is unconscious … a prosecutor could then charge that spouse with rape, theoretically,” said Rep. Brian Greene, R-Pleasant Grove.”That makes sense in a first date scenario, but to me, not where people have a history of years of sexual activity.”

Your GOP in action. Sticking their noses in your lady parts. If you’re unconscious.

Time Machine: San Francisco 1906

I haven’t done a Time Machine entry in a while, so here’s a look at life in America more than 100 years ago. This is Market Street in San Francisco, on April 14, 1906, as taken from the front of a trolley car. Horse drawn carriages, cars dodging in and out without any sense of safety and people just walking in the middle of the street. Also notice how well-dressed folks are.

The first thing that strikes me is the total anarchy of the street. The automobile drivers are lunatics. People just walk out in the middle of the street. Kids play chicken with the trolley. How many bodies were they picking up off the streets every day? This is not safe. But you sense this is what life was like throughout American cities. The streets were packed and lawless. People survived.

Some history, from YouTube:

The origin of the film was an enigma for many decades, and it was long thought to have been shot in September of 1905, after being dated as such by the Library of Congress based on the state of construction of several buildings. However, in 2009 and 2010, film historian David Kiehn, co-founder of Niles Film Museum in Niles, California, dated the film to the spring of 1906 from automobile registrations and weather records. Kiehn eventually found promotional materials from the film’s original release and dated the film to April 14th, 1906, and finally gave credit to the filmmakers, the Mills Brothers.

Four days later, the great San Francisco Earthquake hit. Thousands dead. The city destroyed.

And the city looked like this:

It’s the same route, but notice that the film is reversed.

Stealing the police car seemed like a good idea at the time

A woman in Pennsylvania suspected of shoplifting was put handcuffed in the back seat of a police car and left alone. That did not go well.

She climbed into the front seat with her hands behind her back, and took off, going more than 100 miles an hour. I have no idea how that’s possible.

And when you see a woman in handcuffs behind the wheel of a police car with its siren blaring (and no cop in sight) how should you answer the question, “Will you help me drive, please?”

The actual video is nine minutes long. You can see it here.

Do you have a Republican or a Democratic name?

both_300This is a huge chart so click to enlarge. Also, make sure you scroll left to right because there are names in the outlying regions.

The Census Bureau took a look at first names and political affiliations. More Democratic names on the left. More Republican names on the right. The most Democratic names are Jasmine and Caitlin. The most Republican names are Duane and Brent.

Judging by this, I guess I have to change my political affiliation.

Changing the definition of discrimination

Here’s what’s being reported in England on American cops shooting black people (from The Guardian):

Nine Cleveland police officers involved in a high-speed car chase that left two unarmed black people dead have sued the city’s police department for racial discrimination.

The November 2012 chase, which left two people dead after police fired 137 shots, prompted considerable scrutiny of the Cleveland police department’s use of force. Both those killed were unarmed. …

Eight white and one Hispanic officer are plaintiffs in the federal lawsuit. They claim the police department has repeatedly punished non-black officers more harshly than black officers in incidents involving shootings of black people. …

Malissa Williams, 30, and Timothy Russell, 43, died after more than a dozen officers fired 137 shots at the pair’s car over the course of a police chase that went on for more than 20 minutes. Russell, the driver, was shot 23 times. Williams was shot 24 times. Last month, their families were awarded a $3m settlement from the city of Cleveland.

The chase began after an officer thought he heard a gunshot from the car.

So, the cops thought they heard a shot and chased two unarmed black people and shot them to death. The two were hit 47 times total. That means that 90 shots went God knows where.

And now the cops are suing because they feel they were discriminated against.

Folks abroad are sure we’re insane. And we just keep giving them proof.

The definition of insanity: a matter of life and death

11-30-strip-KOSSo, within the past six months …

Cops showed up at an Ohio Walmart and killed a 22-year-old black guy who was carrying an air rifle that Walmart was selling. No indictment.

A cop kills an unarmed black 18-year-old in Ferguson, Mo. No indictment.

A cop chokes an unarmed black guy in Staten Island to death after stopping him for selling loose cigarettes. No indictment.

Seconds after arriving, cops kill a 12-year-old black kid with a pellet gun in Cleveland. An investigation is pending, but we know how this is going to turn out.

Because the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

In the meantime …

… and …

… and …