The dark secret of Obamacare, as seen by the GOP

A Republican congresswoman, whom I’ve never hear of before (Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington), put up a Facebook post asking people to relay their Obamacare nightmares, because, according to the GOP, Obamacare is nothing but a nightmare. I’m not exaggerating. Here’s what she said:

This week marks the 5th anniversary of #Obamacare being signed into law. Whether it’s turned your tax filing into a nightmare, you’re facing skyrocketing premiums, or your employer has reduced your work hours, I want to hear about it.

Please share your story with me so that I can better understand the challenges you’re facing:

So people responded:


Oops. Not quite the nightmare, huh. So what’s a Republican to do?

Well, try clicking on the link above that directs you to Rodgers’s Facebook page, where people are posting their nightmare. Nevermind, here’s what you’ll see (click to enlarge):

facebook sorry copy

You’ve got to admire the integrity of Republicans. By the way, I didn’t follow the link because Rodgers isn’t a source I can trust.

I read elsewhere that Rodgers did manage to come up with a couple of nightmares. One was from a woman in her 60s who said she could not longer afford care. Turns out the reason is because the woman lives in a Republican state, where the GOP made sure that Medicaid expansion, a planned element of the Affordable Care Act, wasn’t approved.

Comparing nations’ capitals: Washington, D.C. vs. Amsterdam


Possession of marijuana has been legal in D.C. since last Thursday. Coffee shops have been selling pot in Amsterdam since the 1970s. But within the past couple of years, Dutch authorities have been working on laws to allow the sale of weed only to residents of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. And in D.C. sales aren’t legal at all.

So, overall, Amsterdam has D.C. beat in every regard. (I’m biased, because Amsterdam is my favorite city in the world.) Oh, the chart was put together by the Dutch Embassy.

For more information, click here.

Your Republican frontrunners for the presidential nomination


CPAC met a few miles south of me this past week, and the conservatives decided who they preferred as their presidential candidate. Honestly, I see at most two viable candidates, and neither one is anywhere near the lead.

Cue the circus music:

Yes, I’m being too harsh:

Phil Robertson, the man infamous for his role on the A&E reality series “Duck Dynasty” and for his controversial comments on gay sex, gave a speech on Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference that was long, bizarre, and at times even a little incoherent.

As Robertson was introduced at CPAC, it was noted that he was the recipient of the 2015 Andrew Breitbart Defender of the First Amendment Award. He then used his First Amendment freedom to speak for nearly half an hour, touching on off-brand topics like sexually transmitted diseases, Nazis, communism, and Jesus.

Strike that, I’m not being harsh enough. The strange thing isn’t what he said. It’s that he got an award as a defender of free speech.

The midterm elections and their aftermath

wrezxuwty1wo8fglx6dtI’m in a post-election funk. So let’s wallow in it with the Rude Pundit (you delicate wallflowers out there should not read this):

Citizens in Arkansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota all hiked their state’s minimum wage by huge margins while still voting in the Republican for Senate and/or governor. In Alaska, the minimum wage hike passed and Republican Dan Sullivan is leading incumbent Mark Begich. In Colorado, the voters defeated a personhood amendment while voting in for senator a goddamn guy who sponsored a federal version of the thing. Fucking Kentucky fuckers are happy pigs in the Obamacare mud, but, fuck you, Alison Grimes. Kentuckians want the cockknob who wanted them to stay sick and toothless.

And this isn’t just in what you consider red or reddish states. In fucking Illinois, voters said “yes” to raising the minimum wage, a constitutional amendment for the right to vote, a higher tax on millionaires to fund schools, and a birth control mandate for insurance plans. They elected the Republican for governor, and he opposes at least two of those measures – the tax and the minimum wage (Bruce Rauner has said he wasn’t going to get involved in “social issues” like birth control).

Anything else?

Shut the fuck up if you’re writing some think piece about how Republicans will work with President Obama now. Shut the fuck up if you’re writing about how Republicans will have to govern now. Shut the fuck up if you’re writing blindly optimistic fantasy fiction about all the amazing things Obama will do now that he’s unshackled completely from Congress. Just shut the fuck up.

Here’s what’s gonna happen, as sure as you’re reading this. Republicans ran on one simple message: We will do nothing. Oh, sure, they made a big deal about repealing the Affordable Care Act or whatever, but that ain’t happening until Obama is gone. So they will do nothing. It’s the easiest fucking goal to reach, almost beautiful in its sinister simplicity. Republicans in the Senate are going to block any nominee for anything. Legislation was never going to pass, even if they lost the Senate. So they will vote for an agenda that has no way of getting past Obama’s veto. They will vote to overturn the vetoes and fail. They will hold useless hearings on useless topics like Benghazi and, oh, fuck, why not, Ebola. They will subpoena the White House endlessly, which will slow the work of the Executive Branch. There will be talk of impeachment, but that won’t go anywhere because it would be doing something, which is not part of the GOP ethos now.

Is there anything to look forward to? Anybody?

With nearly all precincts reporting, nearly 70 percent of D.C. voters approved a new law that allows possession and cultivation of small amounts of pot for adult use. The newly-passed Initiative 71 allows city residents 21 and older to have up to two ounces of marijuana and grow up to six pot plants in their home. It also legalizes the retail sale of marijuana paraphernalia and allows adults to give (but not sell) pot to each other.

The first of the Manson murders: Aug. 9, 1969

Another bizarre anniversary today. Forty years ago, Richard Milhous Nixon resigned as president of the United States.

But 45 years ago, the first of a series of crazed murders occurred in California:

Charlie Manson is a psychopath. His followers were insane sheep. Patricia Krenwinkel was a member of the flock. She’s still in jail and as poignant as this interview is, she should stay there for the rest of her life..

If you don’t know what happened that day 45 years ago, the best book about it was “Helter Skelter” by Vincent Bugliosi, the prosecutor of the Manson family,

Here’s how crazy the Manson clan was. They believed a song that Paul McCartney wrote because he wanted to make a really loud song, was, in their reality, and I have to quote Wikipedia on this:

A part of the Beatles’ coded prophecy of an apocalyptic war in which racist and non-racist whites would be manoeuvered into virtually exterminating each other over the treatment of blacks. Upon the war’s conclusion, after black militants would kill off the few whites they would know to have survived, Manson and his companions would emerge from an underground city in which they would have escaped the conflict. As the only remaining whites, they would rule blacks, who, as the vision went, would be incapable of running America. Manson employed “helter skelter” as the term for this sequence of events.

I try to refrain from profanity in my postings, I can’t come up with any other way to describe this: That was some fucked up shit!