A quick guide to food poisoning in the U.K.


So when you’re in England, don’t eat Chinese food (Via Know More).

Nadieh Bremer, an astronomer-turned-data analyst who runs the blog Visual Cinnamon, created this graphic about food poisoning, which recently was selected as a finalist for a design challenge on the Kantar Information is Beautiful website. The visualization shows restaurant-associated foodborne outbreaks reported in England and Wales from 1992 to 2009. In total, the outbreaks affected 677 restaurants and caused 491 hospitalizations and seven deaths among 11,795 people.

Oenophobia: The fear and loathing of wine

I know very little about wine. I know you can get drunk on it. But the difference between one wine and another? No idea.

I know that some wines match well with specific foods, but I can’t tell you what they are. I ask the waiter at the restaurant (who probably doesn’t know either, but will get a bigger tip if a more expensive wine is on the bill).

When it comes to selecting wines, I guess a coin flip is the best method. When I do taste a wine I like, I don’t remember what it is, so I can’t buy it again. And if I do remember, the thing tastes different a year later when the new year’s batch of wine is sold.

Bottom line: Drink wine to get drunk. And don’t be a snob about it.