Domino’s pizza and the GOP

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul explains it all to you (from the Hill):

“Remember Domino’s Pizza? They admitted, ‘Hey, our pizza crust sucks.’ The Republican Party brand sucks and so people don’t want to be a Republican and for 80 years, African-Americans have had nothing to do with Republicans,” Paul said, according to The Hill.

Paul said that the party needs a makeover because “the perception is that no one in the Republican Party cares.”

If we go along with this train of thought, here’s something to consider. Domino’s solution was to change the pizza crust. A makeover, if you will.

Domino’s crust still sucks. So does the pizza.

Some things need more than just a makeover.(Oh, and notice how he didn’t refer to Papa John’s Pizza, which really sucks. Papa John’s owner lives in Kentucky and is a big donor to the GOP.)

What’s for breakfast?

xjmswbn8iiom9xbu2n6f-1That looks reasonable (click to enlarge):

It’s called The Hibernator, because of course it is, and they’re serving it at Bear Grills Cafe in Congleston, Manchester, England. …

It consists of eight rashers of bacon, eight sausages, four hash browns, four fried eggs, a four egg cheese omelette, four waffles, four pieces of toast, four pieces of fried bread, four black pudding, two ladles of beans, two ladles of tomatoes, mushrooms, a portion of large chips, and a two pint milkshake to wash it all down.

And at a mere 8,000 calories, it costs about $35.

Via Kitchenette.