Ebola in Dallas

This isn’t encouraging:

A hospital in Dallas that diagnosed America’s first-ever known Ebola case also failed to recognize the patient’s Ebola potential when he first sought care, missing an opportunity to isolate him when he was already contagious.

The patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, had been visiting the US from Liberia. He left Monrovia on September 19 and traveled through Brussels, arriving in Dallas on September 20. He had no symptoms when he was departing Liberia or entering the US, which means he wouldn’t have been infectious at the time.

Four days later he started to feel ill, which means he would have been infectious. Two days after that, he sought care at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. His was diagnosed with a “low grade, common viral infection” and sent home with an antibiotic.

The patient’s sister said that Duncan told a nurse that he had come from Liberia. This vital information “was not fully communicated throughout the full team,” said Mark C. Lester, executive vice president of the health-care system that includes Texas Health Presbyterian. “As a result, the full import of that information wasn’t factored into the clinical decision-making.” Ebola was not suspected.

I’m sure when he said he came from Liberia, the nurse had no idea where that was, and had no idea that’s where the outbreak is.

But, given that it’s Dallas and that the primary source of information is probably Fox News, had he said he had just come from Honduras, where the outbreak isn’t, the first thought would have been Ebola and the hospital would have gone code red. Because the good folks on Fox keep putting people on the air who say you have to keep the Central American refugee children out of the country because they’ll bring in Ebola.

Is Ebola out of control?

The first confirmed case of Ebola in the United States was reported today in Texas. Time to pay attention (Via Vox).

And yes, it did not come in through Central American refugee children as your friends at Fox News were fear mongering a few weeks ago. It came from Africa, where it always has been.

If it’s in America that means it’s in other places we don’t know about yet. But for now, here’s your world Ebola map.


Rush hour nightmares

This is a fictional representation of rush hour traffic:

This is a real rush hour in London:

The rush hour in London was shot around the time I lived there. So at some point, I was on the trains, or crossing the Millennium Bridge or walking across London Bridge or on a double decker bus with the rest of the people in these shots.

This is rush hour on a bike in New York City:

I’ve done this, too, and the secret is, it’s always rush hour in New York City.

And this is rush hour on a bike in D.C.

I bike daily in Washington, and this guy is totally irresponsible. I know where he’s going and there are plenty of bike lanes, so he shouldn’t be weaving through cars and running red lights or hopping on the sidewalk.

And this is what I go through every day in D.C., because this is about a block from my office.

How’s your commute?

What do progressives believe?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) appeared at Netroots Nation Friday and explained it all to you.

Most true Americans believe these things, not the stuff that the Tea Party terrorists stand for, and …

Wait?! Wasn’t that the Incredible Hulk at the end? If we’re gonna fight, and Hulk smash, we will win.

Like a girl …

After the Supreme Court ruling on whether women can control their bodies (the five old Catholic guys on the court say no), it’s time to think about the perception of women as weaklings who need a man to tell them what to do.

Which means it’s time to really reassess what people think when someone says, “You do that like a girl.”