What’s happening in the Thunderdome?


The GOP ranks are thinning with Rick Perry and Scott Walker gone, but there are still too many candidates. Based on this list, the only combinations that seem to make sense are Jeb! and Carly or Marco and Jeb!.

Trump is still in the lead, but America’s Silvio Berlusconi is actually dropping. But Trump’s a TV guy and we’re getting sick of reruns.

And the Thunderdome reference just seems appropriate, because the stage is just a blood-thirsty freak show, and the only way to satisfy the audiences for both is to throw them raw meat:

An odd interpretation of ‘safe’

I watched the GOP debate Thursday night and I remember yelling at the TV screen when an alternate view of history spewed from one of the candidates. This ad provides an important public service:

Now, it was bad enough Jeb! actually said this, but, really, that was to be expected. What was worse was that the other 10 bozos on the stage didn’t immediately shoot him down with a simple, “Were you in a coma on Sept. 11, 2001?” “Didn’t you see the satellite photos that days before showed Hurricane Katrina was going to wipe out New Orleans, cause I did!” “Did your 401(k) miraculously rise while brother George presided over the collapse of the economy?”

I don’t know about those people on the stage and in the audience, but for the rest of us, history included the years 2001 through 2008.

Rupert Murdoch’s National Geographic

1255ckCOMIC-national-geografoxBecause, people, it is now RUPERT MURDOCH’S National Geographic:

The iconic ­yellow-bordered magazine, beset by financial issues, entered its own uncharted territory. In an effort to stave off further decline, the magazine was effectively sold by its nonprofit parent organization to a for-profit venture whose principal shareholder is one of Rupert Murdoch’s global media companies.

In exchange for $725 million, the National Geographic Society passed the troubled magazine and its book, map and other media assets to a partnership headed by 21st Century Fox, the Murdoch-controlled company that owns the 20th Century Fox movie studio, the Fox television network and Fox News Channel.

Some more stories we can look forward to: