President Nixon announces he will resign: Aug. 8, 1974

I was 19 and had just returned to where I was staying after coming from a movie double feature: “The Devil in Miss Jones” and “Deep Throat.”

Which made this a surreal yet appropriate combination, especially since everybody pretty much considered Richard Nixon the Devil, and Deep Throat was the person who led the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein to the truth of Watergate.

Let’s spoil some movies

Not really. If you’re a movie fan, you’ve already seen these. If you’re not, they’re so old, you weren’t going to see them anyway.

But the one spoiler that pissed me off years ago was when a New York Times film writer gave away the ending of “Thelma and Louise” several months after the movie opened with a glib line that started something like … “By now, everyone knows that Thelma and Louise …”

I was going to see “Thelma and Louise” that afternoon at a second-run theater that was a lot cheaper than the first run places. I’ve avoided Times reviews ever since.