Trump rally POV

What we see at a GOP rally for Donald Trump:


What Donald Trump sees:


It’s all crazy, but what really is over the top is a reference to Donald Trump and Jesus in the same space/time continuum. And the sign is very confusing. Based on the color of the lettering says: Thank You, Jesus, for Lord President Trump.

What’s a Lord President? Is that some level of Jedi Sith? And besides, Trump hasn’t performed any miracles. It’s not like his face is going to magically appear in food:

I’m pretty sure that as all this plays out, there are going to be times when I think I’ve gone insane, because this can’t be possible. I mean, it makes as much sense as this:


Are you not entertained?

This is how I hoped the GOP debate would turn out tonight:

And as I look at the bodies left on the floor, all I can think is Donald Trump delivered. His quick evisceration of Rand Paul at the very beginning was priceless:

PAUL: …but I’d say that he’s already hedging his bets because he’s used to buying politicians.

TRUMP: Well, I’ve given him plenty of money.

Were we not entertained?

(Just to make this clear, nothing Trump says is grounded in reality. This is all about theater. Does anyone really think the base is watching this to learn more about policy?)

The wascally wabbit is 75 years old today

It’s Bugs Bunny’s birthday. He first appeared 74 years ago today in this cartoon:

What I like about Bugs is that he really never starts a fight. If the antagonist leaves him alone things will be fine.

But Bugs reminds me of Ender in “Enders Game.” Once you get him riled up, it doesn’t end until there’s absolute total destruction of the enemy.