The wascally wabbit is 75 years old today

It’s Bugs Bunny’s birthday. He first appeared 74 years ago today in this cartoon:

What I like about Bugs is that he really never starts a fight. If the antagonist leaves him alone things will be fine.

But Bugs reminds me of Ender in “Enders Game.” Once you get him riled up, it doesn’t end until there’s absolute total destruction of the enemy.

The anatomy of a makeover movie

The makeover movie is much more enjoyable than the extreme makeovers on daily daytime television. At least you care about the people being made over in the course of the film.

By the way, the makeover of Hermoine in “The Goblet of Fire” was very well done, since you’d seen her for three previous movies. That was when I realized she wanted Ron, not Harry.

(Via Vox)