Wendell Scott: Greased Lightning

Richard Pryor was Wendell Scott in the 1977 movie “Greased Lightning,” and I’m really shocked that was never mentioned in this Storycorp piece.

You’d think that if one of the biggest African-American stars of the 1970s did a movie about your dad, you’d have mentioned it. But I suspect that it probably was referred to in the interview and cut in the editing.

Take a look at it if you ever get a chance. Click here if you want to rent it.

Here’s the trailer:

A view of another dwarf planet: Ceres

I guess I should know this, but there’s a dwarf planet between Mars and Jupiter called Ceres. Apparently, it’s been known about since the early 19th century. And NASA put together some images of it from a recent mission:

So how big is this thing? Here’s an image of various objects in the asteroid belt:


Using the moon as a reference point, Ceres would be the object numbered 1 on the far left. So that’s small and that means it isn’t a planet. It’s a dwarf planet. Like Pluto, which, I was surprised to learn not too long ago, is also smaller than the moon.


So Ceres is about as wide as Texas.