There was another fatal mass shooting last night

A gunman shot up a theater in Louisiana showing the movie “Trainwreck.”

Since it was a white Republican, the theme of the day is mental illness, as opposed to last week when it was a mentally ill Muslim in Chattanooga and the theme was terrorism.

Insert generic gun massacre cartoon here:


Another atrocity … another plea

From the Rude Pundit:

We know, right? We know that, at the end of the discussion, after we’ve talked about racism and hatred and mental illness, what remains are the guns. No, you won’t get rid of racism and hatred and mental illness by taking the guns away, but nothing will ever get rid of that. Those aren’t tangible things. Ideas can’t be taken out of someone’s hands, alive and warm or cold and dead, melted down, and eliminated.

But guns can be.

Guns amplify the racism, foster hatred, and give an easy outlet to the mentally ill. The sad part is that we know this. We know it to be true. Even the vast majority of people who cling to the belief that only guns can stop guns understand the equation. Easy access to guns means more murder.

Phoenix, Aurora, Newtown, Navy Yard, Charleston …
This headline sums it all up, thought:

Where’s it going to be next. Because nothing is going to be done to stop it.