Wendell Scott: Greased Lightning

Richard Pryor was Wendell Scott in the 1977 movie “Greased Lightning,” and I’m really shocked that was never mentioned in this Storycorp piece.

You’d think that if one of the biggest African-American stars of the 1970s did a movie about your dad, you’d have mentioned it. But I suspect that it probably was referred to in the interview and cut in the editing.

Take a look at it if you ever get a chance. Click here if you want to rent it.

Here’s the trailer:

When Trump finally comes for you, no one will speak out

Screenshot 2015-12-08 at 8.37.15 PM

The headline misses an entire ethnic group:

Trump came for the blacks (which is what he calls African Americans … “the blacks”). And this is another lie.

The graphic cited the Crime Statistics Bureau in San Francisco as its source — although that does not exist and the statistics are, quite simply, made up.

And don’t forget what happened to the black guy who protested at a Trump rally:

After his supporters beat up a Black Lives Matter protester on video, Donald Trump suggested that they may have done the right thing.

The protester, a black man, reportedly started chanting Black Lives Matter at a rally in Birmingham, Alabama.

I’ve blogged about Trump’s intentional lies and absurdities. But I’m also aware of his constituents. He’s taking a dump in their brains, and the racist scumbags are going to vote for him anyway. The scary thing is that now, some rational people seriously worry that Trump will get the GOP presidential nomination. If that happens and the glass starts to break, don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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Darth Vader on Donald Trump

Want to know how bad the Republican Party has become? Read this:

“Well I think this whole notion that somehow we need to say no more Muslims and just ban a whole religion goes against everything we stand for and believe in. I mean religious freedom’s been a very important part of our, our history.”

Want to know who said that?


When the Dark Lord of the Sith says the GOP presidential frontrunner goes against everything we stand for and believe in, you know that the Republican base has gone beyond the Dark Side. It’s like a black hole for morality.

And I now feel it’s my responsibility to use this .gif whenever possible: