The pope visited. The pundits comment.

Pope Francis should be glad he’s headed back to the Vatican. This trip to America must have tired him out, simply because of all the political acrobats trying to parse whether the pontiff would be a Democrat or a Republican. Because, in America, all that matters is our stupid political processes.:

From The Rude Pundit:

Oh, man, oh, man, the events just keep coming, every day seemingly more strange and absurd than the last. A pope delivers a speech that, if given by a Democrat, he’d be accused of being a wild and woolly socialist.

Seriously. That must just be a crazy liberal talking.

But then:

While social justice has long been a pillar of Catholic doctrine, that kind of rhetoric in the document sounds anti-capitalist to many on the right.

“Essentially, what this papal encyclical is saying is that every Catholic should vote for the Democrat Party,” conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said Tuesday, using the name for such a document from the pope. “That’s what it is. How else do you interpret it when the pope comes out and sounds like Al Gore on global warming and climate change?”

OK, that’s just a crazy Republican talking.

But then:

If he could, Pope Francis would endorse Bernie Sanders for president. I don’t mean to speak on behalf of the world’s most recognizable religious leader, but when you compare the political philosophy of both Sanders and Francis, theres only one conclusion: Sanders best fits his view of the world.

That’s just a crazy journalist talking.

Honestly, the pope doesn’t strike me as a partisan voter. He just seems to be a nice man telling everyone to be nice to each other.

Some things to keep in mind about high school science

Especially if you’re a child of color.

1) Kiera Wilmot’s curiosity wasn’t destructive.

2) Ahmed Mohamed’s homemade clock wasn’t a bomb.

So let’s hire teachers who are intelligent enough to look at these things and say, that’s impressive, instead of a bunch of cowardly dunces who feel it’s their primary duty to call the police because brown kids are intelligent.

(Just for the record, it comes as no surprise these atrocities happened in Florida and Texas.)

Trump rally POV

What we see at a GOP rally for Donald Trump:


What Donald Trump sees:


It’s all crazy, but what really is over the top is a reference to Donald Trump and Jesus in the same space/time continuum. And the sign is very confusing. Based on the color of the lettering says: Thank You, Jesus, for Lord President Trump.

What’s a Lord President? Is that some level of Jedi Sith? And besides, Trump hasn’t performed any miracles. It’s not like his face is going to magically appear in food:

I’m pretty sure that as all this plays out, there are going to be times when I think I’ve gone insane, because this can’t be possible. I mean, it makes as much sense as this:


Michelle Bachman supports the Iran nuclear deal …

… But of course it’s for a batshit crazy reason (Via Right Wing Watch):

In an interview with Religious Right radio host Jan Markell this weekend, former Rep. Michele Bachmann once again claimed that President Obama is ushering in the End Times, this time citing the nuclear agreement with Iran as proof of the arrival of the Last Days.

Bachmann claimed that the unanimous UN Security Council vote to approve the agreement was “the most important national security event of my lifetime” because it fulfilled the prophecy of Zechariah 12:3 that all the nations of the world will unite against Israel, “with the United States leading that charge.” She added that God and “heaven’s armies” will use groups like AIPAC to defeat the deal in Congress and in doing so “prove to the world His power and His strength.” …

… Bachmann told listeners that they should feel “encouraged” by the fact that they are living in the End Times, explaining that these dark times are actually the best time to be alive since that means the world will soon come to an end.

In case you forgot, this was a U.S. congresswoman who at one time was a frontrunner for the 2012 GOP nomination for president. Put that in context, and Donald Trump doesn’t look so bad.