Our message to the universe

This golden record will likely never be found. But let’s say that billions of years from now some Jedi master comes across it in a galaxy far, far away. Is this going to make any sense? If an alien civilization is technologically advances enough to pick it up in space, yes, it should make sense. And if it decides that the Earth is ripe for conquest, fine. It’s not going to be the Earth displayed on this disc.

Because the disc doesn’t show how dangerous we can be. All the alien sees is a lot of little kids, and a lot of people eating. Really, what kind of fight are they going to put up. In the next mission, send out a copy of the movie “Independence Day,” even with all its flaws. That will take Earth off the alien visitation list.

Man and nature

I’m a firm believer that it isn’t going to be aliens who stomp humanity. It’s going to be something we created.

Because when Skynet becomes self aware or when we get sucked into the Matrix,  someone’s going to ask the computers how do we fix the planet? The answer’s going to be, “Get rid of the humans.”

And when it comes to protecting the planet, humans keep showing they have the morality of Peter Lorre’s character in “M”.

A slice of life

Ever wonder what it would look like if a psychotic giant had a slicer and chopped up a human from head to toe in less than 15 seconds?

Me neither.

But someone out there has thought about it (a medical researcher, of course), and put together this video:

From KnowMore:

This video, which was recently shared by I F—ing Love Science on Facebook, shows a snapshot of the human body from top to bottom in just 14 seconds. The images come from The Visible Human project, in which a cadaver was frozen, and then cut into 1,800 plus slices for imaging. The methodology is a little gruesome, but the result is the most complete top-to-bottom view of a human body that scientists and the public have seen.