The National Championship skin game

I watched part of the Alabama-Clemson game Monday partly because ESPN had various formats for viewing. I chose the student section view, which consisted of a large stream at the top of the game with two smaller streams underneath of the student sections for Alabama and Clemson.

Not a big college football fan, so I tuned out after a quarter, which admittedly was action packed.

It wasn’t until today that I was aware of the huge controversy surrounding the game.


gallery-1452569506-ciara-cleavage-controversy-1That’s Ciara, someone I never heard of (I’m old, what do you expect), who’s the girlfriend of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and the singer of the National Anthem at Monday’s game. Critics say she showed too much skin.

OK. Not to mention this:

Seriously? She showed too much skin? This is nudity?

But no complaints about this:

70827232f52efb6386848a37246322e0Or this:

b65295969d2dfcfa79d5540af11678bfOr this?

f8c3c925f5745b60e056cd4b83eba0b8Am I missing something? Or have these people just lost their minds?

The Mascot

Why is Academy Award winner Adrien Brody in this? Why is Kevin Spacey producing it?

How many great untold stories are out there? How many gifted filmmakers just need a chance to show their talent? Now in its fifth year, Jameson First Shot exists to answer those questions. Trigger Street Productions invites young filmmakers from South Africa, Russia, the U.S., U.K., Ireland, India, Australia, Canada, Bulgaria, and Kenya to enter a seven-page script for a story they want to tell on screen. Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti, the award-winning dream team behind Trigger Street Productions, will choose three winning entrants, who will have the life-changing opportunity to shoot their scripts with Trigger Street producing and the hugely talented Maggie Gyllenhaal starring. Not bad for a first shot.

Attacks in Paris

The news out of Paris is horrific. Religious fanatics with guns and bombs have killed at least 120 people.┬áIt’s an attack by Islamic State psychopaths.

The best television news coverage has been on France 24.

President Francois Holland gave this speech soon after the attack on the Stade de France, where he was one of the fans at a football match between France and Germany:

And President Obama had this to say from the White House:

But the French are in solidarity. Football fans sang the national anthem as they left the Stade de France after the attacks:

And, of course, someone stupid has something disgusting to say about it all.