So, what do they watch on Mexican television?

That’s from “María la del Barrio” and it appears to have run for one year in Mexico the 1990s. I can see why, because no one can be that intense for more than one year. And what’s with everyone NOT jumping on her and grabbing the scissors.

Of course, if you have more than an hour to kill, the series finale was really intense.

Makes you wonder if the actress who played the crazy lady later took quieter roles in her career?

‘My Love from the Star’: A Korean hit in China

According to a major news outlets, the following Korean soap opera is the most popular show in China, much to the chagrin of Chinese officials:

The show’s called “My Love from the Star.” If I have this straight, a guy from outer space who’s 400 years old is hanging out with a pop star. And that’s putting half the world in a frenzy.

Chinese officials are upset because, it seems, China can’t put together entertainment that’s popular enough to keep its citizens enthralled. For example, the Washington Post says:

It’s not the first time popular foreign entertainment has led to hand-wringing in China. In 2008, when Dreamworks’ “Kung Fu Panda” became a runaway hit in China, it led to similar soul-searching. Why did it take American producers to find the drama and humor in a fat panda learning kung fu in China, many asked.

I didn’t know “Kung Fu Panda” had created an international incident.

Oh, for the full first episode of “My Love from the Star,” click here.

Here’s what it’s like to be an Olympic luger

You’re watching the Sochi Olympics, right? I was watching skeleton last night, where the gal gets on a sled on her stomach and speeds the hell down a tube of ice, and thought that would be fun, then, “uh, no thanks. I don’t want to die.”

But what would it be like? Well, on YouTube, you can see what it’s like to do the luge, which is the same thing as skeleton, but on your back:

Yep, just as scary as I thought.

So long Jay Leno. I hardly knew ye.

It’s hard to believe Jay Leno had been the host of “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” for 22 years:

What’s harder to believe is that I’ve never seen a complete episode of “The Tonight Show” since Jay Leno has been host.

The last full episode of “The Tonight Show” I remember watching was Johnny Carson’s last show.

I really thought, after that, why watch anymore. And I haven’t seen a full late night talk show since.

Celebrities in cars getting coffee: Seinfeld and Fey

OK, four things here:

1) That is true. There are no good looking people on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I went to Columbia University. Didn’t see one.

2) How is it possible to end up in a coffee shop in Harlem and not see any … I mean not one … black person? Did Harlem get gentrified? It’s like watching an episode of “Seinfeld.” There were never any black people on the show.

3) Tina, find the lever to move your seat back! Your knees are scrunched up on your chest. It looks really uncomfortable!

4) They talked about it, they showed it and they ate it, and I still have no idea what makes a cronut a cronut? What is it?

Knowledge gaps: Superman and the Beatles

You think you know everything about one aspect of entertainment, and then something pops up that comes as a complete shock.

Like, I used to think that I’d seen every filmed live-action presentation of Superman, from the Kirk Alyn serials in the 1940s with the cartoon flying sequences, through the George Reeves television series, the Christopher Reeve movies (remember “The Quest for Peace”?), “Lois and Clark,” “Smallville,” the Brandon Routh revival of the Christopher Reeve persona and the most recent Henry Cavill city destruction. I’d even seen the “I Love Lucy” episode where Superman has to rescue Lucy from the ledge of a building, and I probably was one of the seven people who went to see the Ben Affleck biopic “Hollywoodland.”

But one day I bought a box set of the George Reeves series, and there was an episode I’d never seen where Lois (Noel Neill) is spraying a room with a machine gun, and I’m thinking, “Where the hell did this come from.” Not only that, there was a commercial I didn’t know existed:

But this isn’t about my Superman obsession. It’s about my Beatles obsession.

Last week, I saw this chart of the songs written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney:


It shows who was the main contributor to their famous songs. Only, what’s this song “There’s a Place”?

Where the hell did this come from? I’ve never heard this. When this came out in 1963, we bought 45s, not albums. Apparently, this was the B side of “Please Please Me.” Did I never listen to the B side? I thought I knew all the Beatles songs. Obviously, I don’t. Now I have to go through life obsessing about what other things I’ve missed.