Psycho killer. Qu’est-ce que c’est?

Let’s say an ex-felon goes on a gun rampage on a major highway and shoots a couple of cops. Think about the questions that follow when the public finds out that the gunman’s original plan was to go to a nearby big city to shoot up the offices of a community group and the ACLU.

First you say: The guy’s obviously a nut. Then you ask: What set him off?

This happened a couple of months in California, when a guy named Byron Williams got into a gunfight with highway-patrol officers on an Oakland, Calif., freeway, wounding two cops. Williams was driving erratically, which is why he was stopped. Then he just started shooting. He didn’t die in the gunfight with 10 officers because he was wearing ballistic body armor. He was prepared for a shootout. He said he was on his way to kill people at liberal organizations: wanted to start a revolution.

Which brings us to America’s favorite schizoidcokehead-in-chief  Glenn Beck. Williams said he was inspired to venture out for a killing rampage because of “conspiracies” he heard about on Beck’s Fox News show. An extensive report on this appears on the Media Matters Web site.

Now Beck will say that he’s not responsible for a nutcase going off the deep end. We know this because every time a nut case goes off the deep end, Glenn Beck goes on the air and says he’s not responsible.

Like here:

And here:

So, Beck’s not to blame? His constant diatribes on all the “plots” against America are just benign musings? OK, whatever Glenn says.

You see, the shooters are just a bunch of psycho paranoids hearing the voices in Glenn’s head.

2 thoughts on “Psycho killer. Qu’est-ce que c’est?

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