Dangerous liaisons in Texas

We’ve seen this coming for a while.

A teabagger Republican congressional candidate in Texas says he sees no problem with a violent overthrow of the government if the midterm elections don’t produce a change in leadership.

The candidate, Stephen Broden of South Dallas who’s running in Texas’ 30th congressional district, made the comment in a television interview.

Broden is the token¬†regular guest on schizoidcokehead-in-chief Glenn Beck’s televison program.

As troubling as Broden’s remarks are, the comments on the Dallas Morning News’s Web site involving the story are scary. Instead of outright condemnation, the comments include such gems as:

“Anyone who has truly studied the Constitution, the Founders, the Bill of Rights, and the Federalist Papers IN DEPTH, will know that Broden is exactly right.”

“If the country continues on its present course–so be it.”

“Our nation was founded by ‘violent over throw of the government’. It always has been and always will be on the table.”

Dallas was the site of a violent overthrow of government 47 years ago.

Meantime, in Houston, a voter registration group targeted by Texas teabaggers has received threats and emails containing racist slurs.

These are dangerous times.

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