Putting things in perspective

I wrote about my travel nightmare a couple of days ago.

Then I realized how ridiculous my complaints were when saw this YouTube clip of Louis C.K. on Conan O’Brien’s show from earlier this year:

Yes, things are amazing. I took a round trip from Louisville to Washington in a day. How cool is that?

And as Louis says, technology is amazing.

When I was a kid, the truly impressive thing in the comic strips was Dick Tracy’s two-way wrist radio, that eventually became a two-way wrist TV.

Other elaborate bits of hand-carried technology they could come up with in science fiction were the communicators and tricorders in “Star Trek.” One allowed you to talk to another person thousands of miles away, while the other gave you directions to any place on the planet you were on. Now, I’ve got an iPhone, which does all that and contains my album collection, books and games, and lets me watch television and movies. Not to mention that it functions like Dick Tracy’s two-way wrist TV.

As idiotic as things seem sometimes, these are the days of miracle and wonder.

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