Band on the rail

A group of musicians in New York lost their instruments to thieves, but they all had iPhones. So the band, Atomic Tom, hopped on the subway from Manhattan to Brooklyn, and performed the following song using apps they downloaded to their phones.

I was skeptical on the ability to perform a complete song between two subway stations, but this is the line I used to take when I lived in Brooklyn, and I see they’re going over the Manhattan bridge, so this is doable.

The performance was captured by their friends, who were using iPhones. It would be interesting to know if some Apple PR guy was behind it all.

One other thought: This is also the disadvantage of living in New York. You’ve had a rough day at work. You just want to get on the train and chill on your way home, then some band gets in your subway car and starts performing. I was in the city a couple of days ago and three breakdancers with a boom box got in my subway car and started spinning on the floor. It’s a wonder I didn’t get kicked in the mouth.


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