What is it?

My sister-in-law’s husband made national news this week. He tells me he was sitting on his porch in Nelson County in rural Kentucky and saw an animal he’d never seen before. His picked up a rifle and nailed it.

And now that he has it, he still doesn’t know what it is. And neither does anyone else. It’s hairless. Some people say it’s a raccoon with mange, a dog with mange, a bald rat, a hairless coyote or some kind of coyote/dog hybrid.

Others are throwing out the possibility that it’s the legendary chupicabra. Here’s how a local TV station describes it: The chupacabra is been a mystery since 1995, with sightings reported all over the United States, from Texas to Maine. The legend says the elusive dog-like creature attacks livestock, bleeding them dry of blood — their favorite being goats.

Everyone has a theory. Someone from the state’s Department of Fish & Wildlife eventually will come out and take a DNA sample to determine what it is. For now, it’s on ice, in a freezer.

Here’s a YouTube clip on the chupicabra:

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