Turmoil in Egypt

Juan Cole is a history professor at the University of Michigan. His expertise is the Muslim world, and he has been following the situation in Egypt pretty closely.

Here’s his take on Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s latest move to quell the people’s uprising.

Gen. Hosni Mubarak’s response to a mass uprising demanding an end to military rule in Egypt?

He appoints the former head of Egyptian military intelligence (Omar Suleiman) his vice president (and therefore likely successor).

He appoints the Air Force Chief of Staff (Ahmad Shafiq) as prime minister.

Can you spell TONE DEAF?

He spells it pretty well. When your country tells you to leave after 30 years, and you say you’re appointing the spies and the military to take over after you’re gone, but you’re not going, that sounds like a green light for things to get a lot crazier.

Here’s an earlier interview with him explaining the dynamics of the Egyptian situation on Democracy Now:

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