The ultimate Hollywood couple

As everyone in the world knows, Elizabeth Taylor died yesterday at the age of  79. Everyone in the world knows, because she was the original modern superstar. No one, not even Marilyn Monroe, matches the excitement Elizabeth Taylor created in her personal life. Liz was one half of the ultimate Hollywood superstar couple.

Today’s overwhelming interest in Brangelina doesn’t hold a candle to the obsession with Dickenliz back in the ’60s. Make the comparison. When you think Brangelina, you’re really thinking Angelina Jolie, because Brad Pitt, superstar that he is, is kind of dull.

But Dickenliz (or Lizendick). That really meant two dynamic, larger-than-life personalities. Liz Taylor and Richard Burton. Every fight, every new diamond, the excessive spending, the acting rivalry, all the bad behavior. They loved and hated each other so much, they married and divorced themselves twice.

The world wanted their marriage to really be like this:

She got the Oscar for “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.” He absolutely deserved one as well, but didn’t get it, and that has to go down as another Academy Award crime. (Does anyone remember Paul Scofield in “A Man for All Seasons? I didn’t think so.)

Now that’s tabloid fodder.

Liz and Dick. That’s the couple by which all true Hollywood tabloid couples have to be judged. And no one, yet, comes close.

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