The Donald wuz rite!!

Finally, the proof Donald Trump and Republicans have been looking for. Obama’s birth certificate from Kenya:

And thanks to Balloon Juice, an eyewitness to the event named Gen. Stuck:

Of course Obama was born in Kenya. I know this from my soldier of fortune days with the Foreign Legion in Africa, when one day whilst fighting for exploitation, I came across a a baby crib in a hut, with Little Baby Barack carved in the headpost. There were more words that said “future US presnit, and Weather Underground toddler corp”. Tacked to a post was Obama’s birth certificate from Kenya, and a cut out article from a Hawaiian newspaper of the arrival of baby Husseini, with “stoopid white people” scribbled on the margin.

True lie, swear to baby jeevus on a Koran.

I found it on the Internet, so it must be true.

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