Kal-El: Illegal immigrant

The guy on the right renouncing his American citizenship: Superman.

Some folks are going to be upset, saying comic books are influencing younger readers with anti-American messages (after all, we already know Batman hangs out with Muslims). But to those whose heads are about to explode over this development by the Man of Steel, I say this. Have you seen his birth certificate?

Did Jonathan and Martha Kent have adoption papers, or did they get a doctor to forge a “certificate of live birth,” knowing the kid would grow up to be the most powerful being in the universe? Did they plant a false birth notice in the Smallville Times or in the Metropolis Daily Planet about the new arrival. Were there any witnesses to his birth (No!). He could have been born in Kenya for all we know. Krypton? That’s an inert gas.

And though most people think the Kents are his parents, those in the know will tell you his parents weren’t Earthlings. More important, they weren’t even American. Hell, they gave him a name with a hyphen in it: Kal-El. What kind of name is that? Sounds Muslim to me.

Why hasn’t he released his long-form birth certificate? Why hasn’t he even shown us a short form birth certificate?

Because they don’t exist.

And since he’s been in America, how many jobs has he taken away from from superheroes who are legally in this country? I’ll bet that born in America president, Barack Obama, is about to deport him along with the other immigrants who are here illegally but have made major contributions to the betterment of life in the U.S.

This is a scandal on an intergalactic scale.

(Thanks to Slog on this one)


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