Palin punk’d Romney

If I were Mitt Romney and I had let everyone know that I was going to announce that I was running for president in a speech in New Hampshire, I would despise Sarah Palin for this.

This is the front page of the Manchester Union Leader, one of the state’s biggest newspapers. This newspaper has destroyed presidential hopes (ask Ed Muskie). A Republican would sell his first born for an endorsement from this newspaper. Romney coveted a big front page splash on his announcement.

And then the Thrilla from Wasilla brings her buscapade to the state and blows him away.
Don’t think for a minute that she didn’t know what she was doing.

Romney is the “front runner” and a half-term governor made him look like a chump in his own back yard on his big day.

I still don’t think Palin’s ever going to say she’s running for the presidency. I’ll bet she thinks the GOP field will be so scattered come convention time, she’ll just walk in and delegates will fall to their knees, begging her to take the nomination. It’s delusional, but it mavericky.

But in the meantime, people like Romney need to strike back hard when Palin pulls this kind of stunt. Because if they can’t outmaneuver her, Obama can just start enjoying the next four years of his presidency.


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