Little League World Series: Pennsylvania pandemonium

The Pennsylvania team is putting up some awesome numbers in the Little League World Series. They won tonight’s game 7-5 against Georgia, their third consecutive win since their first game loss against Kentucky.

But Pennsylvania’s huge numbers don’t involve runs or games won. Look at the attendance. The Kentucky game drew 41,848 fans … for a Little League game. (Kentucky has since been knocked out of the tournament.) Last night’s game drew a measly 32,000 fans. Still better than what Major League baseball’s Washington Nationals draw on a work night. (Washington lost to the the Arizona Diamondbacks last night in front of 17,000 fans.)

Pennsylvania plays again Thursday night, and it’s been estimated that when that game is over, Pennsylvania will have drawn 160,000 fans, almost half of the total attendance for the entire World Series thus far. Chances are most of the fans at the other games had come early to see Pennsylvania play. And we’re not even at the championship game.

That’s a home field advantage.

If you want to see the game, watch it on the Web on ESPN3.

UPDATE: Pennsylvania’s run is over. They lost to California 2-0 Thursday night. California faces Montana for the U.S. title Saturday at 3 p.m. Eastern time. Japan faces Mexico at noon. The final is Sunday at 3 p.m.

The attendance at Thursday’s Pennsylvania-California game was more than 31,000, bringing the attendance at Pennsylvania’s games in this series to more than 167,000.

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