Photo finish: Obama vs. Perry

Let’s say the 2012 will boil down to Barack Obama vs. Rick Perry. Here’s what you can expect (of course you’ll have to work your way through the implied message and the lies):

The creator of this little gem is Rush Limbaugh’s brother, and you can see what’s going on here.

1) The Republicans are going to paint the Texas governor as a war hero, even though he never saw a day of combat. The closest he got to a war zone was flying a cargo plane in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East, when in 1972, the real war was winding down thousands of miles away in Southeast Asia. They’re going to paint Obama as a radical or pimped out black guy, safely in the states. They won’t mention that Perry’s 22 comes near the end of the Vietnam War, while Obama’s 22 takes place during the Reagan administration, which gave us “The Raid-a in Grenada.” And don’t forget that the last time a real war hero got the presidential nomination, it was John Kerry, who the Republicans completely denigrated as a false hero even though he was wounded in combat, in Vietnam.

2) Note the prominence of the names: James Richard “Rick” Perry vs. Barack Hussein Obama II. A wholesome American name against a radical African Muslim name. Of course, at 22, Obama was going by “Barry.” Maybe I’m not paying attention, but I don’t see Barry anywhere on the photo.

3) Boy vs. boy. Read into it what you will, but the message here is that Perry isn’t a boy, he’s a man in uniform, while Obama is a “boy” in every racially denigrating way you can interpret.

4) The best part of this lie: Obama isn’t 22 in the photo. That photo was taken in 1980, when he was 19. He was a freshman in college. Perry’s photo is taken when he was 22, in 1972. He’s already graduated. (Obama was 11 in 1972.) Here’s what Perry looked like when he was 19 or 20:

Troy Donahue, meet General Patton. What a dork.

So there you have another set of lies from the right. The eras were completely different. The historical context is distorted beyond belief. The racial stereotype triggers have all been set. And the age comparison is nothing more than a lie.

Some idiot with Fox News will say a picture is worth a thousand words. But for this little piece of propaganda, I can think of two. One begins with a B. The other begins with an S.

3 thoughts on “Photo finish: Obama vs. Perry

  1. So you find Rick Perry in his Texas A&M uniform to be a “dork”. Why don’t you drive down to Texas and suggest that to the tens of thousands of Aggie alums, any one of whom will gladly kick your as$. The difference between 19 and 22 isn’t qualitatively very much. Obama admitted in his own book (Dreams from my Father) to being a user of illegal drugs and something of a wayward sort during his college years. He looks the part. So what if Perry did not serve in ‘Nam?. He graduated, received his commission in the Air Force, served as directed by the Air Force, and was honorably discharged. Do you have a problem with that?

    I would say you blog does indeed contain random thoughts….

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