If money grew on trees

A social experiment: String up a hundred dollar bills in a tree on a public street and see what happens. But contrary to what the filmmaker thinks, the results really don’t seem that surprising.

Yes, a few people took a dollar, or two, or three. Some just walked by and others stopped, stared and walked on.

There are a few reasons for the general lack of response. People looked at it and thought it was some kind of art exhibit. Or, people looked at it and thought, “This is a trap. If I take a dollar, something will jump at or dump on me.” Or people looked and thought, “It’s not my money, so I’ll just leave it be.”

If the filmmaker wanted the result she was looking for, she should have just left the money in the tree overnight and used and night vision camera. Certainly, she would have filmed one person, with a ladder, pulling every dollar, and likely every leaf off that tree.


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