So, what’s the latest News Corp. atrocity?

Well, there’s this:

Fox Sports is apologizing for an “inappropriate” video filmed on the University of Southern California campus that critics say mocks Asian students — most of whom appear to know little about college football — by singling them out and prompting them to welcome Colorado and Utah to the Pac-12.

The video has since been removed from Fox’s website. But a University of Colorado ethnic studies professor said Tuesday that he finds it troubling, saying it perpetuates racist myths about Asians being “un-American.”

This is the video in question:

Fox today announced that it cancelled the show, “The College Experiment,” that aired the “report,” because  the segment was “clearly offensive and inconsistent with the standards FOX Sports believes in, and we sincerely regret that it appeared.”

And then there’s this:

“Americans who most trust Fox News to provide news about politics and current events have much more negative attitudes about American Muslims [PDF] and their motivations than Americans who trust other sources,” according to a study released Wednesday by the Brookings Institution.

“Among the general public, only 3-in-10 (30 percent) believe that American Muslims ultimately want to establish Shari’a law or Islamic law as law of the land.

“Less than 3-in-10 Americans who most trust any other media sources besides Fox News agree with this statement, including those who most trust the broadcast news networks (28 percent), MSNBC (29 percent), public television (23 percent) and CNN (20 percent). Among Americans who most trust Fox News, however, a slim majority (52 percent) agree that Americans Muslims want to establish Shari’a law in the U.S.,” said the study, by Robert P. Jones, Daniel Cox, E.J. Dionne Jr. and William A. Galston.

And, to round it out, there’s this:

Two-thirds of viewers who say Fox News is the news source they trust most believe discrimination against whites is as big a problem as discrimination against minority groups, according to a study released Tuesday by the Brookings Institution and the Public Religion Research Institute. The number, 68 percent, is an exact reversal of the percentage of black people in the same poll who say that discrimination against whites is not as big a problem as discrimination against minorities. The study was based on polling conducted by PRRI.*

It’s good to see that News Corp. is leading the way to promote racial tolerance.


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