Obama’s fist bumps

There’s a nice gallery at Talking Points Memo. It features President Obama and as Fox News once described it, his “terrorist fist jab.”

You’ll notice there are a bunch of photos of Obama doing fist bumps with kids. Since Fox is attacking the Muppets for brainwashing children, can you imagine what the network thinks of these photos?

Here’s one that isn’t in the gallery. I’ll do my part in the brainwashing:

And here’s the video where we first saw it in action:

When Muppets attack

Fox News recently said the Muppets were brainwashing children to follow a liberal anti-capitalist agenda. Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy respond:

And here’s what started it all:

So the hosts at Fox, who likely make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, go into a seven minute tantrum because a kids’ movie says there are greedy people in the world. And in about a minute, two sophisticated hand puppets concisely reveal how idiotic a news channel can be.

I can’t watch Fox News. It causes brain damage.

Getting ready for 2016

Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that the 2012 election turns out to be a disaster for the GOP. What would that mean for 2016?

Here’s a preview:

Former President George Bush has endorsed Mr. Romney. Former President George W. Bush has told friends he is following the race but has no plans to become involved. All three Bushes were at the Alfalfa Club dinner in Washington on Saturday night, when Mr. Obama joked that many people hoped Jeb Bush would run for president.

“I am not one of them,” Mr. Obama declared at the private dinner, one attendee said.

The Republican presidential campaign in Florida, which has erupted into a confrontation between the party’s establishment supporting Mr. Romney and conservative grass-roots activists backing Mr. Gingrich, is also infused with a subtext about Mr. Bush. At campaign rallies last week, when asked whom they planned to support, several voters said that they wished Mr. Bush were a candidate.

The Republican establishment has lost control of the party. If it was pulling the strings, Romney would be the undisputed front-runner and the serial adulterer would be back at Fox News, making his guaranteed absurd statements. But the party has turned into the cast of the 1966 film “Le Roi de Coeur,” and Mitt Romney has taken the role of the sane “soldat” in the asylum, Charles Plumpick (I left it in French because that’s the Mittster’s second language.) If the party is totally wiped out in November — which a lot of the GOP establishment expects judging from last week’s editorial feature in the Wall Street Journal — they’ll go through an ideological purge much like the Democrats did in 1972 when McGovern was destroyed by Nixon and 1980 when Reagan eviscerated Carter. Then they go back to the basics. And the basics weren’t named Reagan. They were named Bush.

They’ll be back.

It’s a girl! (A musical surprise)

When I do random scrolls through YouTube, I find things I’ve been mistaken about for … let’s see … I was born in the ’50s … this came out in the mid-’60s … it’s 2012 … carry the 1 … yeah, pretty much all my life.

Like this song.

It was released in 1965, and until yesterday, I didn’t know that the lead singer was a woman. Her name is Beverly Bivens. The band is We Five and the song is “You Were on My Mind.”

Oh, and it’s a great song! But how was I to know it wasn’t an all-guy group?? It was the ’60s. We had to go through a British invasion and a Motown beat and Jersey Boys and the San Francisco sound and Dylan going electric and, tell me again, who was the Walrus?

It was all so confusing.

And they kept saying things like “You can’t tell the boys from the girls.” Plus, we didn’t have MTV! We didn’t know what anybody looked like. Stick a photo of most of the bands of the ’60s in front of me, and I couldn’t tell you who they were. But play three seconds of a song and I can tell you what it is and who sang it.

But I loved this song. I feel like an idiot.

An endorsement for the serial adulterer

A former California congressman named Randy “Duke” Cunningham is in a federal prison in Arizona for his involvement in a 2005 federal bribery scandal in which he pled guilty to conspiracy and tax evasion.

His positions in Congress, from 1991 to 2005, were what you’d expect from a Republican with rabies. From Wikipedia:

he had a very conservative voting record. He was often compared by liberal interest groups to former congressman Bob Dornan, with some justification; both are ardent conservatives, both are former military pilots, and both have become infamous for outbursts against perceived enemies. In 1992, Cunningham, along with Dornan and fellow San Diego Republican Duncan Hunter, challenged the patriotism of then-Democratic presidential candidate Bill Clinton before a near-empty House chamber, but still viewed by C-Span viewers.

In September 1996 Cunningham criticized President Clinton for appointing judges who were “soft on crime”. “We must get tough on drug dealers,” he said, adding that “those who peddle destruction on our children must pay dearly.” He favored stiff drug penalties and voted for the death penalty for major drug dealers.

Four months later, his son Todd was arrested for helping to transport 400 pounds of marijuana from Massachusetts to California. Todd Cunningham pleaded guilty to possession and conspiracy to sell marijuana. At his son’s sentencing hearing, Cunningham fought back tears as he begged the judge for leniency (Todd was sentenced to two and a half years in prison, in part because he tested positive for cocaine three times while on bail). Cunningham’s press secretary responded to accusations of double standards with: “The sentence Todd got had nothing to do with who Duke is. Duke has always been tough on drugs and remains tough on drugs.”

A typical corrupt hypocrite who should be forgotten while he spends his 100 months in jail out of public view.

But unfortunately, he’s in the news. Wait a minute, maybe “unfortunately” is the wrong word:

Cunningham tells Gingrich in an electronic message he says he sent to the candidate last month that his fellow prisoners, and their families, support Gingrich:

“Newt, a voice out of the past. Down but not out and still fighting. First I do not want anything from you but have been watching the debates. I have 80% of inmates that would vote for you. They might not be able to but their extended families will.” …

In the message, Cunningham says he wants to help Gingrich with prison and justice reform if Gingrich becomes president, something Cunningham has advocated in letters to the media over the past year.

I heard about this last night on the Professional Left Podcast, in which an excellent point was made. This is going to be a fascinating presidential election, because there’s no way anyone can claim to be undecided about making a choice between the two parties.