Apparently, there’s a football game today?

Two teams from the Northeast, just an Amtrak ride from each other, are in Hoosier land today in a rematch for the NFL championship.

When they met four Super Bowls ago in 2008, the undefeated New England Patriots were the overwhelming favorites. The New York Giants, who had a so-so season, were supposed to just lay down, play dead, and let Destiny put an end to that 1972 Miami Dolphin ritual of opening up a bottle of champagne when the last team in the NFL with an undefeated record loses a game and the Dolphins remain the only perfect team in NFL history. But Eli Manning (right, not Payton) ran wild and did this:

Then the Giants moved down the field, scored a touchdown and won the game by three points.

And the aftermath: That was David Tyree‘s last catch in the NFL. Really. The Giants got rid of him the next year and he had one more uneventful season with the Baltimore Ravens.

So this year, the Patriots aren’t undefeated, but they’re the favorite to win.

Since I grew up in Brooklyn, I have the genetic abnormality that forces me to to cheer for any New York area team against any Boston area team.

So as ambivalent or disdainful as I am about the Jets, the Knicks, the Rangers, the Mets, the Bills and the Sabers (yeah, even Buffalo counts here), if the other team is within the Massachusetts border, I root for New York. (I’ll always cheer on the Yankees and the Giants, and since New Jersey is just a suburb of New York — and another one of the many places I’ve lived — I root for the Nets and Devils.)

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