Heads up, Kentucky! The GOP race is about to get surreal

Some quick GOP delegate math. Here’s where the Republican candidates for president stand in the delegate count:

. Delegates Needed to win % of remaining
. Mitt Romney 415 729 47.31%
. Rick Santorum 176 968 62.82%
. Newt Gingrich 105 1,039 67.42%
. Ron Paul 47 1,097 71.19%
. Remaining 1,541

So, obviously, this shows that Mitt Romney is in the best position to get enough delegates to avoid a brokered convention where some dark horse … (wait, this is the GOP) … some white knight who hasn’t been in the race will come in at the last minute and be the compromise candidate.

But it appears there aren’t enough “winner take all” primaries to ensure that Romney will have enough. That means he has to make a deal. It’s simple math. If he needs a few votes, he’ll have to get Gingrich or Santorum or Paul to turn their delegates over to him.

Daily Kos lays out the possibilities:

Santorum could offer his delegates up in exchange for being the veep nominee himself. Gingrich could … nevermind. He’ll hoard his pittance of delegates and declare himself emperor in his own mind.

I suspect Romney would never make a deal that would put Man on Dog or the Serial Adulterer in the number two spot on the ticket. Their negatives are outrageously high, and in a general election, they would only bring down the ticket, which already will be down because of Romney at the top.

But Kos gives us this gem:

If Ron Paul has enough delegates to push Romney over the line, he could trade them for VP nominee Rand Paul.

All I can say is, “Oh,no!”

Because this is a deal Romney would be willing to make. Rand Paul got into the Senate on the last election cycle. The voters of Kentucky were super pissed off that Obama was president, so they rejected the obviously better Democratic candidate (who I might add ran a terrible campaign) for the guy with the crazy pseudo-libertarian ideas. I still don’t get what Rand Paul is about. (Full disclosure: I did volunteer work for Jack Conway in that election and as a Kentucky resident voted against Rand Paul.)

And now, the realization has struck that Rand Paul is a legitimate contender to run for vice president of the United States. Because in this meritocracy we call the 21st century GOP, a person, no matter how dim or feckless, can succeed based on the generosity of his rich parents. (George Bush the Dumber; Mitt Romney the son of an auto executive/governor.) Need I say more?

2 thoughts on “Heads up, Kentucky! The GOP race is about to get surreal

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