The latest Fox News fakeout

I guess you’ve seen gas prices have gone up, again? And I guess you’ve seen Fox News’s take on it. Right now, the narrative from the Ministry of Propaganda for the Republican/Tea Party is that high gas prices are President Obama’s fault.

But gas prices were just as high when George Bush the Dumber was president. I wonder what Fox News said then?

I hate these guys.

By the way, when I was in Belgium and England, gas prices were more than $8 a gallon. People dealt with it. In the U.S., prices are about $4 a gallon. We’re having a meltdown. But I forget, Europeans are wimps as the GOP loves to say.

Oh, and since we’re on the subject of Rupert Murdoch’s news operations, have there been any other News Corp. atrocities recently?

Rebekah Brooks, the former chief executive of News International, the British newspaper division of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, was arrested early Tuesday on suspicion of obstruction of justice, according to a person with knowledge of the arrest. Her husband, Charlie, a friend of Prime Minister David Cameron from their days at Eton three decades ago, was also arrested, the person said.

The police said in a statement that six people in and outside of London had been arrested on Tuesday as part of Operation Weeting, the criminal investigation into phone hacking and other illegal activities at The News of the World and other newspapers. None have yet been formally charged with crimes; in the British system, charges can be filed months after an arrest, and sometimes not at all.

I’m sure Fox News is on top of this story.

3 thoughts on “The latest Fox News fakeout

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