Whatever it is, I’m against it

We hear a lot of talk from a certain party on the right about the need to cut or limit the minimum wage. So of course, anyone willing to cut it, knows what it is (from TPM):

Missouri Democrats are pouncing on a moment from Friday’s radio debate between the three Republican candidates for Senate, who are seeking to oppose vulnerable Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill. None of them could correctly answer a question about the minimum wage: Namely, what is the current minimum wage?

The correct answer is $7.25 per hour, though local CBS radio host Charlie Brennan did not provide that number until after all the candidates had responded.

They were, however, all able to answer the other part of the question — whether they would increase it — with a firm no.

There is an irresponsible intellectual dishonesty here. If you’re going to increase, limit or cut a program that affects the pocketbooks of millions of people, you really have to know what it is you’re cutting, limiting, or increasing. These guys act like Groucho Marks in “Horse Feathers” is their main campaign consultant.


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