Places we don’t want to live in

I’m not sure when this list came out, but the Web site Ranker has the 11 most miserable places to live in America.

Much to my delight, I have not lived in any of them, nor have any desire to.

1 Cape Disappointment, Washington – Foggiest
2 Sevier County, Utah – Most Online Porn Subscriptions
3 Pierce and Whatcom Counties, Washington – Most Bestiality
4 La Crosse, Wisconsin – Most Binge Drinking
5 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Ugliest People
6 Panama City, Florida – Highest Divorce Rate
7 Corpus Christi, Texas – Baldest Men
8 Iowa City, Iowa – Most Successful Writers
9 Greensboro, North Carolina – Most Impotent
10 Lexington, Kentucky – Least Sex
11 Anchorage, Alaska – Most Bear Attacks

Here’s the link with the detailed description of each of their shortcomings. And I’m glad to say I have no idea what tied tailless mice in Vasoline means.

1 thought on “Places we don’t want to live in

  1. I have no idea how you would do any sort of quantifying or comparing to find out what place has the “most bestiality”. And I don’t actually want to know, either.

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