‘Shoot your neighbor’ insurance

Given that the NRA pushed state legislatures throughout the country to enact “Stand Your Ground” laws that allow people to shoot other people when they feel threatened, and that the NRA motivated Indiana to pass a law that allows people to shoot police officers entering their homes, you’d think they’d give their “kill anything that moves” mantra a rest for a while?


Bors has to be kidding, right?

Our Self-Defense Insurance protects National Rifle Association members who need extra protection not found in most homeowners’ policies.

The coverage is a rider to the Excess Personal Liability coverage, and provides civil defense and liability and criminal defense reimbursement if you are involved in an act of self-defense.

What’s Covered:

• Provides coverage up to the limit selected for criminal and civil defense costs.
• Cost of civil suit defense is provided in addition to the limit of liability for bodily injury and property damage.
Criminal Defense Reimbursement is provided for alleged criminal actions involving self-defense when you are acquitted of such criminal charges or the charges are dropped.

Liability Limit Options:

• $100,000 Combined Single Limit with $50,000 criminal defense reimbursement sub-limit
• $250,000 Combined Single Limit with $50,000 criminal defense reimbursement sub-limit

Purchase your Self-Defense Coverage online.

*If you currently have a policy with us, please call a representative to renew.

I especially like their buyers comments:

“The NRA Endorsed Insurance Program offers me peace of mind; knowing I will have the coverage I need if I ever have to defend myself or my family.”

Look, people. The NRA isn’t going to stop until it takes its bullets from our cold, dead bodies. And then, it’s going to reload.

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