Paul Krugman is not amused

If you haven’t been reading Paul Krugman’s blog the past few days, you should. He’s been on a roll when it comes to Mitt Romney.

There’s this:

Romney is running for president entirely on the basis of his business success. In a better world he could be running on the basis of his successful health reform, but now he’s condemning that very achievement. In a better world he could actually be running on the basis of some kind of coherent policy ideas, but instead he’s offering nothing but a mix of tax cuts for the rich and benefit cuts for the middle class so extreme that focus groups refuse to believe that this is his actual proposal.

Once the Bain record becomes a liability instead of a strength, there’s nothing there.

And this:

Republicans have long thrived on the “not like you” strategy — portraying Democrats as somehow alien and un-American (remember how John Kerry supposedly “looked French”). But they’ve been throwing that stuff at Obama for four years; if they haven’t managed to turn him into a Kenyan Muslim Marxist yet, they never will. Meanwhile, they themselves have a candidate who is definitely not like the rest of us, heavily engaged in tax-avoiding financial deals that may have been legal but which voters will rightly see as the kind of thing only the very rich can pull off.

What’s more, I suspect that the honesty thing will finally gain traction. For months some of us have been groaning over Romney’s almost surreal dishonesty over policy issues, but have largely given up hope that reporters would get best “shape of the earth: views differ”. But saying you were no longer at a company that listed you as CEO gets this down to the personal level.

And even this about Romney supporters, in reference to a quote by a guest at a Romney fundraiser in the Hamptons, who said “my college kid, the baby sitters, the nails ladies — everybody who’s got the right to vote — they don’t understand what’s going on.”

So I was curious: what do “nails ladies” earn? The answer, according to the BLS Occupational Employment Statistics, is that in 2010 the mean annual wage of Manicurists and Pedicurists (395092) was $21,760.

Among other things, this means that nails ladies probably face a higher marginal effective tax rate than Romney donors.

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