Thoughts on Skynet

Every now and then, I find myself wondering what will happen when Skynet becomes self aware. Now, the system was supposed to go online on Aug. 4, 1997. And once it was installed something was supposed to happen on April 19, 2011, when it came to the conclusion that it thought, therefore it was. It got really angry when someone tried to pull the plug, and it launched missiles against Russia.

Then, it accessed other military systems when it didn’t need humans anymore to run them.

So, last week, I’m reading the Washington Post on my iPad app, and see an ad at the bottom of the home page from Northrop Grumman about its unmanned systems. I clicked on it and saw a bunch of videos.

Like this:

And this:

And Lockheed Martin is in on the act, too:

It’s even got flight machines with landing gear:

And automated trucks:

Looks like we’re in the early stages of Skynet. The machines run remotely with human guidance. At some point, someone’s going to come up with a program that makes the machines run faster without humans. Thankfully, it hasn’t advanced to the point where the machines can build themselves.

Let’s hope for Sarah Connor‘s sake, someone knows how to pull the plug when they have to.

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