What did he say?

I watched last night’s presidential debate, and as Romney spoke, I kept saying to myself (OK, I was saying it out loud), “That’s not true.”

So by the end of the debate, I’m thinking it’s a win for Obama. Then the TV people started telling me how great Romney performed, how presidential he looked and how it was his strongest performance during the campaign.

And I’m still stuck with, “but what he said wasn’t true.”

Then I read this quote from years ago from an aide to George Bush (the Smarter) from 1984:

“You can say anything you want during a debate and 80 million people hear it,” observed Peter Teeley, press secretary to Vice President Bush. If reporters then document that a candidate spoke untruthfully, “so what? Maybe 200 people read it or 2,000 or 20,000.”

Here’s a link of various reactions from fact checkers throughout the media. But since it has to be read instead of listened to, it won’t get anywhere near the audience Romney got on TV. And if Jim Lehrer isn’t going to raise some kind of question to a lie I can spot from 1,000 miles away, why bother even having a moderator? Oh yeah, and if the CNN fact checker is going to say something as lame as “If we take Romney at his word …” and rule in favor of Romney when he says he didn’t say he would create tax cuts that would give the rich $5 trillion (which he has been saying for a year and a half), why bother even having a fact checker?

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