St. James Court Art Show: Day 3

The St. James Court Art Show in Louisville is winding down. I’m sitting on my front porch watching the vendors begin to break down their tents and load up their vans and trucks to head out of town.

Having been here for the past three days, and having lived here for the past three art shows, I’m sure the attendance set a record.

In previous years, I could walk around the show — which extends through Belgravia and St. James Courts and covers from Sixth Street on the west to Third Street on the east and Hill Street on the South and Central Park on the north — with no problem.

It wasn’t that easy this year. Here’s a Sunday view of Fourth Street at Magnolia heading south:

This is not how Fourth Street usually looks. If you see two people walking down the street on a weekend, that’s usually a lot of people. And even though the Sunday view looks crowded, on Saturday, it took forever to walk down this street. You either got distracted, looking at all the offerings, or you were slowed by others who were distracted.

And art works weren’t the only distactions:

These food booths aren’t normally on the south end of Central Park. but they were this week. Good thing, too. I don’t think I can handle more than one corn dog a year.

The local newspaper says a combination of perfect weather and early Christmas shopping  resulted in the huge crowd:

Chilly autumn air and generous sunshine were the perfect combination to bring what the sponsors said might be record crowds this weekend to the St. James Court Art Show.

“There’s no way to take attendance, but Friday was huge and (Saturday) was just as packed,” said Connie Light, chairwoman of the Belgravia Court section of the show. It is one of five Old Louisville-based neighborhood associations sponsoring the 56th St. James show centered south of Central Park.

Light said the organizers were delighted that so many of the exhibitors had ample sales last year, when many people were still feeling the effects of the recession.

“We had several vendors who said this Friday was the best day they ever had” at the show, she said.

I was planning to be frugal and not by much, if any art. But a surprise tax refund arrived in the mail from the District of Columbia on Wednesday. That refund doesn’t exist anymore.

It’s a good thing the show is over, because I’m going broke. I mean, who knew I needed a candle holder shaped like people?

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