Blocs of votes blocked

After the fiasco of 2000, you’d think Florida would have gotten its act together by now:

Don’t expect election results from Miami-Dade County anytime soon.

The county’s beleaguered elections supervisor told reporters Wednesday night that her employees, still processing thousands of absentee ballots, won’t finish until Thursday.

Supervisor Penelope Townsley acknowledged that mistakes had been made in the elections process, according to Miami Herald news partner WFOR-CBS4. She spoke after another day during which elections workers fed thousands of pages of ballots into scanning machines.

With the presidential race settled — but Florida still too close to call — Miami-Dade’s lack of final results have left a much-mocked blank spot on the long-decided electoral map.

There’s a troubling trend here. Virginia, Ohio and Florida all have Republican governors. In Tuesday’s election, northern Virginia, northern Ohio and South Florida, Obama strongholds, all reported screw ups in the voting process where machines didn’t work and people stood in line for hours to get their votes cast. And Republican legislatures have gone out of their way to introduce legislation to make it harder for people, particularly in minority areas to cast votes.

At a certain point, these consistencies across state lines become too blatant to ignore.

And that’s my conspiracy theory for the day.

1 thought on “Blocs of votes blocked

  1. I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist … except in this case. How do we find the smoking guns and links between them?

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