Fleecing the rubes

Why are Republicans out of touch?

Don’t ask me. Ask George W. Bush’s former speechwriter:

So, in the vernacular of the America of yesteryear, the “conservative entertainment complex” is fleecing the rubes. It isn’t about informing your listeners and viewers. It’s about taking lies and marketing them as “fair and balanced” to gain ratings and draw advertising dollars.

One thing to note on the past election. The rubes included right-wing billionaires:

Karl Rove boasted on the eve of Tuesday’s election that all signs pointed towards an electoral college landslide. He was right about the result, just wrong about the candidate. And now it’s up to Rove to explain to donors why, after blowing through $300 million of their money, President Obama is still President Obama and Harry Reid still runs the Senate.

Judging by Rove’s election night tantrum on Fox News, this was not a situation he was well prepared for. In a surreal stretch of television, he refused to believe the network’s call of Ohio, lashed out at producers for making it, then spouted a blizzard of county by county statistics to justify his increasingly untenable case.

“Is this just math that you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better?” Fox host Megyn Kelly asked at one point, “Or is this real?” Given Rove’s prior history on election predictions, it was a logical question.

OK, he may have received $300 million from the billionaires, but someone should do the math to see how much really went to campaign messaging and how much ended up in the pockets of Rove & Co. But based on the election, members of the GOP aren’t that good at doing the math. And based on whom the “conservative entertainment complex” hires as entertainers, math is the last thing on their minds.

Hey what do I know. Ask a billionaire:

At least one highly visible Republican mega-donor is wondering whether his money was spent the way he wanted it to be. The problem, retired mutual fund executive Foster Freiss told The Los Angeles Times for an article published Thursday, has to do with transparency.

“You have no idea of the financial structuring of a lot of these outside groups in terms of how much went to the actual delivery of a message,” Friess said, “versus how many dollars were taken off as fees to the people running them.”

Friess funded Rick Santorum‘s campaign during the primaries, but that’s not how he achieved rube status. This is what places him in the pantheon of total rubeoscity:

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