The latest in gun insanity

Until politicians do something about guns, I’m going to keep posting things like this:

Florida’s controversial “stand your ground” law has been cited in hundreds of cases. People have used it to justify shooting, stabbing, killing and maiming would-be intruders, romantic competitors and rival gang members.

And on Sunday, at a pizza joint in St. Petersburg, a man tried to use it as justification for shooting another customer who was yelling at workers because he wasn’t getting his order fast enough.

So, in Florida, people think that if you get into an altercation with someone complaining about bad service at a pizza joint, the way to resolve it is to shoot him?

“There are arguments every day, but how many people pull out a gun? When you pull a gun out and shoot somebody, your life better be in danger,” [Randall] White said. “He was in my face and I pushed him. His life was not being threatened.”

White said he got mad because his thin-crust vegetable pie was taking longer than the 10 minutes he was promised.

“Twenty minutes later, I’m like, ‘Where’s my pizza?’ ” White said.

White, who admitted he was tired and agitated, started talking about the service. That’s when he said [Michael] Jock “started chewing me out.”

White said the gun came out quickly. A shot rang out. The two men wrestled for the gun before the second shot was fired.

White said he still has a bullet fragment in his back.

“I got lucky,” he said. “To me, that stand your ground rule … people are twisting it. He’s twisting it. I walked in to get a pizza and I got shot … I’m hoping the law prevails. We’ll see.”

First of all, the “stand your ground” law is absurd and a government sanctioned ticket for murder. George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin in Florida and is using “stand your ground” as his defense.

Second, if you go by past NRA statements, the guy who got shot should have had a gun. That way he could have defended himself. So instead of one person being shot, there would have been a gunfight in a pizza joint.

Finally, is a Little Caesars pizza really worth dying over?

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