Cindy Lauper wins a Tony Award

I’ve been wondering, “whatever happened to Cindy Lauper?” And now I see she won a Tony Award a couple of hours ago for a Broadway musical called “Kinky Boots,” about a shoe company that made boots for drag queens?

You can make a musical out of that? Well, yeah. They made a movie. OK. Here’s the acceptance speech:

I saw her more than 25 years ago (Really? That long?) at the Louisville Gardens. It was one of those shows where there were no seats. A couple thousand of us just stood on an open floor and danced.

What impressed me most about the show was the point at which hundreds of people (Not me!) tried to rush the stage at the same time and she, very nicely, told everyone to cool it before someone got hurt. I’ve always admired that, because it was just a bunch of stupid kids, stupidly crushing another bunch of stupid kids. But she didn’t get upset and she didn’t yell at anyone. She was sincerely concerned that someone would get hurt.

I did a quick check and see that her version of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” came out in 1983. That’s 30 years ago! Here she is in Paris in 1987, a couple of years after I saw her in Louisville.

Much bigger crowd, but just as excited about the song


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