Revolution in the air

All is not calm in the world, but we don’t notice it because we’re too focused on being surprised by something we already knew was happening. (The government is watching us. It’s finally catching up to the banks and corporations.)

The people of Egypt are bracing for a new round of demonstrations, with opponents of demanding the ouster of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi. The military, which was asked to stand aside to allow for Democratic elections, is now threatening to take over if things get out of hand. If the military takes over, expect even bigger demonstrations.

Turks are demanding the removal of their Islamist government, as a skirmish over the destruction of a park for a business center has escalated into a nationwide protest against the imposition of Muslim law on a secular society as well as a fight against government corruption. This now threatens Turkey’s efforts to gain membership in the European Union, as talks have been put aside because of the government crackdown on demonstrators.

And on this side of the planet, people in Brazil are massing in the streets because the government is using public funds to build stadiums and venues for the Olympics and the World Cup soccer tournament … funds that originally were designated for social programs. The result:

So why am I bringing this up?

Because the U.S. Supreme Court today effectively spayed and neutered the Voting Rights Act, which has been used for the past four decades to make sure minorities aren’t disenfranchised by racist efforts to keep them from the polls. And the states that have been the biggest offenders … (Really? Do I have to remind you which ones they are? Oh, hell! here you go.) …

voting map

… (I’m sure that came as a shock.) …

… are now getting ready to rev up their latest suppression efforts by reintroducing voter ID laws that were struck down because they were specifically designed to keep a certain shade of people from the polls.

And you know what? We aren’t going to do a damn thing about it.

The court said Congress has to update a formula that determined the jurisdictions in violation. You know and I know that Congress isn’t going to do jack. And that means Republican efforts to make sure all those brown people aren’t going to screw up their election chances have just gotten the green light from the law of the land.

So sit back and watch people in the rest of the world fight for their freedom. Because we seem to be doing everything to give ours away.

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