Paul vs. Christie: Let’s get ready to rumble!!!

Wasn’t the Chris Christie/Rand Paul catfight last week a thing of beauty? Let’s take a trip down memory lane:

Of course, Blitzer is going to let the person in Washington have the most air time, because that’s what he does. But although my home is in Kentucky, I’ve got to side with Christie on this one.

Rand Paul talks about government spending, and Kentucky gets more money from the federal government than it puts in. Chris Christie talks about government spending, and New Jersey (another state I’ve had a home in) gets less money than it puts in.

If Paul is going to be a champion of fiscal rectitude, he should cut spending in his back yard. But he doesn’t want to do that. He wants to cut spending that goes to other states.

And let’s not ignore the point that Rand Paul’s economic policies hurt the people of Kentucky. When he talks about spending cuts, he talking about cuts to education, infrastructure and government services. Kentucky is not a rich state, and part of the reason it gets more in federal spending than it gives is because businesses in the commonwealth don’t generate high enough individual wages to lead to a balance in taxes to government spending. New Jersey, with a higher quality of education, better infrastructure and more responsible government services, does.

So what do their arguments boil down to?

Chris Christie is saying Rand Paul is a hypocrite (which he is).

Rand Paul is saying Chris Christie is fat (which he is).

Anyway, both guys are running for president. A bunch of misguided political pundits say this catfight is good for both of them? I don’t understand that logic. If you’re on the defense this early in the 2016 election process, people will be fed up with you by the end of 2014.

But scratch away, guys.


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