Has everybody gone crazy?

Things have gone insane in D.C.

And I’m not referring to the Republican shutdown, which is a different kind of insanity.

A couple of weeks ago, we were dealing with the psychopath who shot up the Navy Yard.

Thursday, it was the crazy woman who got herself killed after trying to ram her car’s past the White House gates, then took off, ran over a cop and sped around the capitol crashing into whatever she could.

And yesterday, a guy set himself on fire on the National Mall.

WASHINGTON (AP) — A District of Columbia police spokesman says a man who set himself on fire on the National Mall has died of his injuries.

Officer Araz Alali says the man died Friday night at a Washington hospital where he had been airlifted.
He says the man was so badly burned that he will need to be identified through DNA and dental records.

The man poured a can of gasoline on himself in the center portion of the mall Friday afternoon. He then set himself on fire, with passing joggers taking off their shirts to help douse the flames.

Police are investigating the man’s possible motives for doing so.

This goes beyond any level of insanity you can think of.


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