Who says there are no great jobs in journalism?

From the Denver Post:

I’m happy to announce that Ricardo Baca has been appointed the editor of the marijuana website we are building. In this new role, Ricardo will be responsible for building the community and engagement around the site much like he did with Reverb in its early days. Ricardo will be working with editors and reporters in every department to ensure the site is lively, authoritative, in-depth, educational and packed with content spanning regulations to reviews.

For nearly 12 years, Ricardo has been the authority on our music scene, as a critic, the co-founder of the Underground Music Showcase and the founder of Reverb. For the past two years, he has excelled at leading our Entertainment section.

As we’ve said, the legalization of marijuana in Colorado is our biggest story in the coming year. Ricardo is the perfect person to lead this charge — and he will need all of our resources.

OK. It’s kind of a cliché to say “Who knows the most about pot use? Maybe someone who listens to music a lot?”

And the Post earlier announced that it’s coverage of pot isn’t going to be simply on the legal and medical issues surrounding the newly legalized drug:

We’re going to have some fun – with a mix of news, entertainment and culture stories. Say what you want about the newspaper industry, but The Post is the most powerful news organization in the region. We know how to cover big stories. And with pot, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

We’ll know about how serious the Denver Post is on the marijuana beat when it puts up the money to send its pot editor on a fact finding trip to Amsterdam.

The Thanksgiving pardon

President Obama does the annual turkey pardon. Popcorn and Carmel live to see another day. The jokes aren’t too bad either.


Thanksgiving with the Addams family

Posting this “meaning of Thanksgiving” by Wednesday Addams is becoming my holiday tradition:


Planning to deep fry a turkey this Thanksgiving?

Don’t do it!

Turkey frying is trendy … and deadly.

Stick with broiling. Or take out!