Fun with maps

Since I’m on a “let’s play with U.S. maps kick,” here are a couple of fun ones circulating on the intertubes.

We know that Americans know nothing about where other countries are. Give them a map of the world with countries not marked, and they’ll put Syria in Australia.

So it’s good to know that others in the world have no idea where anything is. Like this Aussie who was given a map of the United States and asked to mark where the states were:


Good to know our most recognizable states are “Alaska,” “Hawaii,” “Washington,” “Wait, no Cailfornia,” “Texas, this is definitely Texas” and “Florida, aka penis gun freakyland.” But I love this guy’s concept of Virginia, all in the wrong places.

Another look at America is based on industry. What industry owns your state?


So I’ve had the pleasure of living in Health, Real Estate, Energy, Finance and Manufacturing.

And finally, let’s fit the U.S. in another continent:


Wow, Africa is a lot bigger than I expected.

(Maps courtesy of Know More at the Washington Post)


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