Newtown: It’s been a year

We haven’t done enough. Since the Newtown massacre, a year ago yesterday, states have passed 39 laws with tighter restrictions on guns and have passed 70 laws that loosened restrictions.

Since Newtown, we’ve had the Navy Yard shootings, not far from where I live.

And this story ran this morning:

CENTENNIAL, Colo. (Reuters) – The teenage gunman who badly wounded a fellow student then shot himself to death at a suburban Denver high school apparently acted in retaliation for discipline he received months ago from the school’s debate club coach, the county sheriff said on Saturday.

The pump-action shotgun and multiple rounds of ammunition used by the suspect, Karl Pierson, in Friday’s shooting were legally purchased from local retailers, Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson said. He said Pierson bought the shotgun on December 6 and the ammunition the morning of the shooting.

Pierson, a senior remembered by classmates as studious yet argumentative – and described by some as socially awkward – was 18 when he made the purchases, the minimum age for buying a shotgun or other types of rifles in Colorado.

The sheriff’s comments at an afternoon news conference shed new light on circumstances of a shooting that unfolded in less than a minute and a half and marked the latest of more than two dozen spasms of gun violence to shake U.S. school campuses this year.

We’re not going to do anything to stop this. Some of us will wring our hands and say “tut, tut” the next time it happens. Some of us will mourn the family members who die in these shootings.

And some of us will say that this shows we need more guns to protect ourselves. This third group represents the people who have been winning the gun debate. So far.







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