What were people thankful for in your state?

So, Facebook analyzed the posts from around America on Thanksgiving to find out what people were most thankful for in each state (click to enlarge):

gffsmt5tyozqszbl59jjOne quick take on this: People in Oklahoma are a bummer.


Voice in a box

ai_box_experimentWe recently bought a new piece of technology that answers us when we have questions, or performs certain tasks that we tell it to do. Like the computer in “Star Trek.”

You know. It’s just like this … without the shuttle craft, shields, worm holes or interplanetary travel:

But if I want to hear a certain song, or find out the weather in Los Angeles, this is the interaction we have. And she has a much more pleasant voice.

By the way. Why is it that all the computer voices I’ve been exposed to have been female?

Richard Scarry in the 21st century




An Arlo Guthrie Thanksgiving

“Alice’s Restaurant,” of course:


A WKRP Thanksgiving encore

God as my witness. I thought turkeys could fly.


The 76ers on defense: How bad could it be?

Well, Philadelphia hasn’t won a game this year. So obviously it’s this bad:


Is the problem that the guard is open for an hour and a half? Or is it that there are four open guys who could have shot the three?


Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin have a few words for the NFL

Now what kind of fine do you think these Seahawks are going to be hit with? You know, free speech and all that.