The pope visited. The pundits comment.

Pope Francis should be glad he’s headed back to the Vatican. This trip to America must have tired him out, simply because of all the political acrobats trying to parse whether the pontiff would be a Democrat or a Republican. Because, in America, all that matters is our stupid political processes.:

From The Rude Pundit:

Oh, man, oh, man, the events just keep coming, every day seemingly more strange and absurd than the last. A pope delivers a speech that, if given by a Democrat, he’d be accused of being a wild and woolly socialist.

Seriously. That must just be a crazy liberal talking.

But then:

While social justice has long been a pillar of Catholic doctrine, that kind of rhetoric in the document sounds anti-capitalist to many on the right.

“Essentially, what this papal encyclical is saying is that every Catholic should vote for the Democrat Party,” conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said Tuesday, using the name for such a document from the pope. “That’s what it is. How else do you interpret it when the pope comes out and sounds like Al Gore on global warming and climate change?”

OK, that’s just a crazy Republican talking.

But then:

If he could, Pope Francis would endorse Bernie Sanders for president. I don’t mean to speak on behalf of the world’s most recognizable religious leader, but when you compare the political philosophy of both Sanders and Francis, theres only one conclusion: Sanders best fits his view of the world.

That’s just a crazy journalist talking.

Honestly, the pope doesn’t strike me as a partisan voter. He just seems to be a nice man telling everyone to be nice to each other.

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